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Whether you are developing a career, a team or running a business and want to take things to the next level fast, learn how a combination of corporate experience and rugby success will help you win now.
— Paul Farmer
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You’ve chosen to pursue sport as a career and want to get to the top. Now it's time to add structure to support this. 



You want more out of your career / business and need to see how you make this happen.



Running a business is challenging, especially when you are doing most of it on your own. Providing a strategic sounding board gives you an independent viewpoint.



Teams operating effectively add extra value to your business. Bringing an independent viewpoint creates fresh ideas to deliver on the potential you have. 


Owner / Executive

Are you constantly stretched for time, feel isolated from the rest of the team and trying to grow the business? There are ways you can give more to those who look to you for inspiration, motivation and leadership.

The Mentoris logo (said Men_tor_is) shows the potential for growth achievable through having quality conversations.





Do you want more out of you and need the courage to step up? Want to challenge your current direction and need some insight in to how to make this happen? 




Finding the path to the top of your sport challenging? Staying there even harder? Don't have the support you need to get you to where you want to go? No structure in place to maintain momentum?




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Do you see the potential in your team and want to help them also see it?

Do your team rely on leaders to set the standard or do they feel they can step up individually ?

Create a culture of "Leadership from Within".  


Owner / Executive


Feeling isolated with limited avenues to think and plan strategically? 

Do you see the business's direction and now need to communicate this with the organisation?

Working extended hours to do it all yourself and neglecting other areas of your life?





Running a business is challenging, especially when you are doing most of it on your own.

In the absence of a management team or board, independent strategic conversations bring the skills and experience you need.

Strategic Planning gives you structure, direction and a pathway to growth.


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