About Mentoris


Paul Farmer

With more than 20 years’ experience in a Corporate environment, Paul brings a different perspective to achieving your growth. His "think outside the square" approach helps add value to the meetings he finds himself in. With skills and experience in business, leadership, strategy and mentoring, he sees the potential in situations as opportunities. He has an ability to link quality decision making to business growth, articulating the value to be gained across a variety of scenarios. Whether it be small start-ups, established family businesses or larger corporate organisations, Paul's ability to bring his insights and easy going delivery style adds to delivering immediate results.    

Leaving the corporate world, Paul has taken up helping others gain direction and deliver their potential. Through a strategic lens, his ability to have others see more options creates even more value. He is often heard muttering things like… “where is your focus..... above or below the line?", "when was the last time the problem presented was actually the problem" and ”if you make more decisions more often you'll get the outcomes you want".

Paul is a registered CPA, Associate Member of the International Coach Guild, Member of the Coaching Institute and a qualified Level 2 rugby coach. He is also a multi premiership winning rugby coach, former semi-pro rugby player and has taken a catch while playing for a touring England cricket side.





"Paul helped change my life. I was in a rut and felt like I was drowning in a career I no longer loved. After several one-on-one sessions, I had clarity of what I wanted to achieve, my confidence to make decisions increased and I was able to move forward. I changed my career direction by Paul helping me narrow down my true passions and defining my skill set… now I have the job of my dreams being Marketing Manager for a Travel Agency. I had never imagined what working with Paul could have done. A great and necessary experience, it was essential to make things happen in my life. I can't thank him enough."

- Nikki Kennedy