Business Mentoring

Face to face conversations give an independent perspective to challenges in your business. Designed to identify & highlight more options to these challenges, we help your business create momentum.


Leader / Executive Mentoring

Being responsible for teams and businesses is challenging. These monthly face to face conversations identify current challenges and tools to develop your leadership style, delivering better leadership and performance from your teams. 

Business Strategy


Want to set your strategic direction and not sure how to make this happen?

We help you get clear on what your business is and the structure needed to get you there. 


Strategic Workshops

To re-establish what your business wants to become, how you get it there, why it matters and who will be involved. This allows Leadership team members the freedom to participate, leaving the direction and flow to us.


Pro Athlete Mentoring

You’ve chosen to turn your sport in to a career and want to make that happen. But you don't yet know how to make it happen? We help you get clear on what this means and support your journey.

The Mentoris Group logo (said Men_tor_is) shows the growth achievable through strategic conversations.



Frustrated the effort you are making isn't getting you the results you want?

Want your actions to result in success rather than more overwhelm & stress?

By getting clarity on what your direction is, it allows you to focus on creating a plan to achieve success.

We've helped business owners and leaders become effective so we can also help you!



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Discovering the path to the top of your sport can be challenging and often you need support to get there. 

We help you get Clarity and Direction on what success looks like and then support you in delivering on your potential.




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Do you see the team's potential but they don't?

Are your team empowered to lead or do they see it as the leader's responsibility to make things happen ?

Empowering teams to adopt "Leadership from Within" helps build a success culture.  


Owner / Executive


Are you the one who works longer hours and as a result neglect other areas of your life... family, health?

Do you struggle to delegate work to others to free up your time?

Do YOU see the business direction, but struggle to communicate this with others in a clear and effective manner? 

We work with you to help you work smarter not harder by being strategic about how you operate!





In the absence of a management team or board, regular strategic conversations bring the additional skills and experience you need.

An independent perspective allows fresh ideas and options to be identified.

We provide an opportunity for you to challenge your current thinking and identify efficiencies to deliver even more growth.