I’m going to be honest, it’s been a challenging year for many. We have walked with business owners through some dark & tough times, through major change, and through growing pains. The courage shown to take on these challenges, to be OK with where they were and to challenge their way of being… was inspiring itself. We’ve also worked with some business owners who have chosen to get even better, to understand their business even more, to be better humans… and this shows up in their results.

As the 2021 work year comes towards it’s ultimate day, it’s important to reflect on the year, those around us who have been there to lean on, to inspire us and help us realise that the vision we have set out to achieve is real and we are on the path to make it happen. 

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So as the work year winds down and your stakeholders look to take a well deserved break, you have a perfect opportunity to do exactly what Pooh mentions in the above picture. Here are some tips on rounding out the year well and setting 2022 up to be a great year:

Best tips to round up 2021 and setting up a better 2022

  • Reflect
    Stop where you are, turn around and look back to this date last year. Feel what it was like to be in that position. It’s often we choose not to look back as there is so much coming at us from in front. But this time of reflection is VERY VALUABLE. It allows us to see the value we have added, how we have grown, what’s worked and created wins, what’s challenged us and created learnings that bought in to 2022 will make us even stronger / faster / more loving. Please make time to do this… you and your stakeholders want to know the value you’ve created from your hard work throughout the year.
  • Review
    Look at the last 12 months and ask yourself a few things “What were our wins and how do we do more of that, What are our learnings and how do we incorporate these, What is our definition of #WINNING and are we using the 2021 experience to help move us towards this ultimate space”. Making time to understand this, will give you an opportunity to create change and allow you to continue on your path towards happiness… the ultimate for all of us.
  • Reset
    Taking your revised view of what your next 12 months will look like and saying that’s awesome, isn’t enough. This view will require adjustment to your ways of operating, your stakeholder expectations, and the way you lead. Communicate to your stakeholders what’s changing, what it means for them and how it aligns with their own personal desire to create amazing results. Bringing this revised vision to life will take many hands… so be clear early what this looks like and support those who will help you deliver it.
  • Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
    Be the one to say thank you to those who matter, who have worked to help you in a challenging year, to those quality humans who have chosen to come on your journey with you. This act will be even more valuable in a year which has taken extra emotional resources to deliver. The thing about thank you’s is that they are free, take no time to deliver and show that you really appreciate them for them. This goes to your families as well… they have supported you through an interesting year so please thank them.

Making time to stop, take in the past 12 months, acknowledge what’s worked, learn from everything else and saying thank you to those who have helped you deliver the year that was…. is super valuable. Let your stakeholders know what they mean to you and how much you appreciate them… for them and also their effort.

For those who you feel would benefit from hearing this and other messages like this each Monday morning, feel free to forward to them. We love helping quality humans create lives on their terms, to feel like they are empowered to make a difference… so if getting our emails each Monday helps create that then forward away.

Thank you and always remember….. “You are Enough, You have Enough and You will always be Enough !!