January is a month where you get to challenge your current situation. You are asked to set your goals and strategy for the next 12 months…to consider what you were doing at the end of last year and whether you want to continue doing this or to change this view. In last week’s blog, we asked you to do exactly this… to reflect on 2020 and set out your plan for this year.

Over the break you’ve had time to reflect on what you are doing and consider is that what you want going forward. Choosing to reset what you want to achieve, what it looks like and what it feels like when you get there, is a strategic planning activity that can create so much alignment and awareness within your key stakeholders. Having teams, advisors, suppliers, contractors on the same page WILL create even more opportunities.

Then comes the challenging question you ask yourself “What do I do about it”.

Momentum creates opportunities and decisions create momentum… so how do you assess your current situation to make better decisions more often?

Here are 3 Strategies for you to kick off today:

  1. Your strategy is already ON POINT – there will be areas of your current strategy that are working and getting you quality results. Now is the time to reflect on why these are working and how you can build these in to the normal way you operate. It’s brilliant that these things are working and the decision for you will be obvious… keep doing what’s working and you will attract the opportunities.
  2. Your strategy NEEDS WORK – If you feel like there are areas of your space that need to shift because you want to recreate the momentum you’ve had previously… the decision to change now is key. Choosing to change the way you operate means questioning the status quo.. which to some will be uncomfortable and challenging. Be honest to yourself and identify what’s not currently working, what you want it to be and set out actions to make these happen. Then take a step in any direction and go from there
  3. Your FOCUS needs to be where – if you wait for everything to be perfect to start, you will never start creating change and the status quo will continue… so too will the feelings associated with that. Get your strategy clear, get your action areas locked in, prioritise your initial areas of focus, and make the decision to get after those priority items. This may require others outside your space for an independent perspective… something we have seen add significant value already this year.

So what’s it going to be for you? Either way, the exciting thing is that it’s your choice and which way you go will determine the momentum you create in your space. The controls have been passed to you !!!

Need an independent perspective on where you are and how you can start moving in a direction now… let’s chat as we’ve already started this process for business leaders in 2021. Click on the link below to set up a Strategy Check-in to see how you can get the ball rolling on your momentum.

Have an awesome week and please send us the first thing you will action after reading this.