How good does it feel when you are In Flow & creating momentum in your business. What is this I hear you ask? You are taking heaps of action, getting quality results, creating an insane amount of value for those around you which, in turn, sees your reputation for delivering quality results grow so more people are seeking you out to create value for them. This feeling of being in flow is the holy grail in both business and personal circles and one of the key to success! one of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face ongoing is sustaining momentum.

So why do so many people get flat, lose focus, develop the “can’t be arsed” attitude and get frustrated that we aren’t matching the expectations of both ourselves and others? Life happens… we get caught up in the noise in the media, social media, our social circles and your clients. When you are surrounded by negativity and challenging situations you can stop moving forward and stop building momentum.   

So when you find yourself in a flat spot, here are 3 Must-Do Strategies to help create your momentum in your established or new business – this is a key to success:

  1. Know your why – Know WHY you’re in business. This is something most entrepreneurs forget. Know why you want to keep going – even when times get tough – so that you can keep moving. Put your personal & Business “Why” somewhere you’ll see it often and review it when you need a motivational boost. By really understanding your “why”, you will also be able to better network with people of the same belief.

    Example, Microsoft: “To empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more”.

  2. Accept you are where you are – step 1 in creating flow is accepting you are flat, not taking enough action, frustrated and you want o create change. Denying you are flat or there actually is a problem, prevents you from changing things to move forward. Be honest and accept things now so you can get on with changing your direction.  
  3. Keep taking action to build momentum – when we get flat, we’ve generally stopped taking the right action, which leads to frustration that we aren’t getting stellar results. It’s a circular challenge that will keep leading to frustration without action being taken. Keep having the conversations, promoting your brand, delighting your clients and things will start to flow.
  4. Reconnect with what really matters – we are motivated by the things that give us a buzz including your business goals. Dealing with quality clients, doing interesting work, closing that deal, spending quality time with your family… these are the things that motivate us. Ensure you are looking for opportunities to do more of these and you will be motivated to take more action.

Feeling in flow is fantastic. It feels effortless and you feel like your effort is being rewarded. By accepting your starting point and taking an insane amount of action in areas that really matter to you… the ball will start rolling and give you an opportunity to create & build momentum.    
Helping quality people is what gives us a buzz. If this article has raised some challenges for you, and you’d like to change the way you operate, and the results you are getting, let’s chat as we would love to see you in flow and would love to help you along the way of your business journey.  

For those in your networks who will benefit from hearing this today, please forward on to them.

Cheers and have an awesome week!

Paul Farmer
Managing Director
“Changing Lives… one business at a time”