Business Mentor Paul Farmer with team

At the moment, it seems teams are being influenced by a rollercoaster of external forces. A seemingly constant sense of uncertainty, opportunities to consider doing something different that really matters to them, covid and absences… it’s certainly challenging keeping the noise out of the workspace. Keeping everyone on the same page, from team members, key stakeholders, clients, is a constant melting pot of managing expectations. This is an all too common situation being faced by business leaders… would you agree?  

So why does alignment matter? An African saying is that “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. To have team members feel aware, included, connected and feeling inspired to deliver… takes work and focus. Your ability to influence this, and to ensure your key stakeholders see the benefits that flow from this, becomes an area for you and your senior leaders to prioritise.

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So you want your stakeholders to get the best customer experience? Here are 3 ideas to create this and deliver the success you want over the coming financial year:

  1. What motivates THEM – your business is your business and it’s your vision that you are striving to make happen. However, you do need others to make this become a reality and they also want to get something out of the work they do. Knowing what matters to them, what inspires them to go over and above even when not asked, shows you have taken the time to make the “what’s in it for me” relevant to them. ASK them, help them constantly see how their effort is getting them closer to having this… and use it to drive action   
  2. Remove the NOISE – so you are starting to develop your idea of what you want your business to be at 30 June next year. Then you realise there are bright shiny things that come up which will distract your team and you. Your ability to remain focused on the intention you set, and help them do the same, is crucial. Be the one to keep aligning your current situation to delivering your vision… to the point of having the vision on every agenda and on the board in every meeting. Ask “how is what we are doing here getting us closer to delivering this Vision / Goal”. Including this in your operations will have it constantly being a focus…
  3. Bring the ENERGY – your businesses reflect the leaders and how they carry themselves. The energy you bring to your week sets the barometer for those around you. You want to inspire others to bring a similar level to their space, recognise them when they match your energy. “Thank you for bringing an awesome energy to your work… i love it as it’s the same energy we bring”. Check in on your energy and are you bringing something that will energise your stakeholders?

So, what’s the one thing that’s resonated with you… that’s the first place to make a change OR to recognise yourself for already being “best in class”. Remember you have the opportunity to make these things happen in your circles. They may sound simple, yet done consistently, their benefit will add up over time.

Do you want someone outside your space to check in with… to give you an independent perspective on where you are and how you can start moving forward now… let’s chat as we love to run this process for business leaders. Click on the link below to set up a Strategy Check-in to see how you can get the ball rolling on your momentum. 

Have an awesome week and look forward to hearing about your wins.