Most business owners are challenged with delegation. It’s easier and quicker if I do it, i’ve always done it so will keep doing it, no one else will do it as well as I will, I don’t want to give up control… have you been guilty of practicing any of these recently? You aren’t alone as i’ve heard plenty of examples of this happening in the past month.

So many people currently feel busier and even more time poor then ever…. which is leading to the feelings of frustration and overwhelm. So when we consider it’s just over 10 weeks until Christmas, it’s easy to see how the tiredness of having been on the go and dealing with uncertainty & change since March is starting to show. Effective delegation can help ease overwhelm & frustration, as the delegator frees up time (if you take a longer term view when passing things on) and the receiver can feel they are being trusted with higher level work.

So with so much going on and so little perceived time, effectively delegating activities will create time for us to add even more value. Here are 3 things you can delegate right now and why you should:

  1. The Non-essentials to value your effort – business leaders must see their time as an investment for the business. If we are looking to get an ROI (Return on Investment) on senior leader’s time, just like getting a return on shares we invest in, you must be operating at your highest level. Scan your workload and identify activities that aren’t up to your “pay grade” and look for opportunities to have others take these on. 
  2. Role enhancers are Development Opportunities – when looking to be effective in delegation, the person taking on these activities should see these as an opportunity to develop their capabilities. Sending others to meetings to free up your time is an investment in those who will be attending… as it’s an opportunity for them to build their knowledge base, build relationships and build an awareness. Use the delegation as a tyre pumping opportunity. 
  3. Unproductive work as growth requires quality margins  – sometimes we have to say NO to work as it’s low margin, not our core or there are others who would be the most appropriate to take it on. Saying no to low margin activities frees up more time to take on higher margin work. Quality clients at better margins will result when we say no to less productive work.

Our time is precious and making it work for us is the key to getting any sort of balance in our lives. Remove the non-essentials, use it as an opportunity to develop others and minimise the unproductive activities and you will create a bunch of extra value in your business and your life.    
Helping quality people, like you, is our jam. If this article will help someone in your networks, please forward to them. If it has raised a desire to create change for you and your business, let’s chat as we’d love to help.  

Cheers and have another awesome week!