Since March this year, we’ve been forced to challenge the way we operate. From deadlines being tested with stretched supplier delivery times, to client expectations shifting as a result of dealing with heightened uncertainty… we’ve definitely seen pressure added to deliver a quality product and a top shelf customer experience.

So over the weekend we got off the grid, stepped back and looked at the past 5 months and looked at the results, the lessons and the learnings that could be implemented going forward. It was an opportunity to reset our mindset and helped us realise that pressure to continue delivering at a high standard in an uncertain environment is tiring.

When you find yourself stretched and feel you’re losing control of your time, here are 3 Ways to Deliver Quality Results when under Pressure:

  1. Get Comfortable being Uncomfortable – generally that uncomfortable item on your to do list keeps rolling over each day because it’s seen as too uncomfortable to tackle. Every time this happens, we think about it more and more and its potential impact gets bigger and bigger…. Make your first action each day to action your most uncomfortable item… this way you free up your mindset to focus on other actions. 
  2. Get your Strategy in Place – when you lose sight of what really matters and what’s considered urgent to you, and you are being driven by what others consider urgent… you lose the ability to control what you do you focus on what others want. Set your plan, highlight what’s urgent to you and make a plan to take this action.
  3. Breathe – when you feel pressure coming at you from many directions, making time to breathe and get clear on what’s in your space at the moment is huge. Identify those things on your plate that others could take from you and how you can skill them up to take them from you… this can create serious time in your schedule.

When pressure hits us, we can either crumble or we can rise to take it on. Taking on the uncomfortable item first up each day, knowing what’s important for you now and making time to breathe will free you up to focus on the ultra important things.      
Helping quality people, like you, is our jam. If this article will help someone in your networks, please forward to them. If it has raised a desire to create change for you and your business, let’s chat as we would love to help.  

Cheers and have an awesome week!

Paul Farmer
Managing Director
“Changing Lives… one business at a time”