Running flat out can be challenging when you are uncertain about your direction. As leaders, we now see increasing expectations to maintain a cracking pace and ensure the team are all moving in a direction that is adding value… to them, to you and your business. 

Giving clarity and direction to those around you, whether it be through communicating often, being the example, caring about your team members as humans and simply listening… shows a genuine desire to add value at all levels. To allow this to happen, first you need to be clear on the your desired direction. Clarity for your business, your role, your life and the feeling you want to experience along the way, will see you being the one giving the quality directions.

So how often do we make time to step out of our space and reflect on what’s happened, what’s happening and what we want to happen going forward… some would say not often enough. Make time and to help, here are 4 areas you can focus on to reinvigorate you and your business:

  1. You are a Quality Leader – we all have our own way to lead. Some are the ones who need to be at the front, others work from within a team, others lead themselves which inspires others… being aware of how you best lead and setting the example is powerful. Get clear on how you best lead and choose to be that leader… both inside and outside the work space. Your example will inspire others to be the same.
  2. Business Strategy is for everyone – it’s not just the senior team who can set strategy. If you want to make things happen and get results that will help you develop and grow… make a plan and have proactive conversations with your teams to see it be realised. If teams see what it means to them, it gives them an idea of what you would like to achieve and can align your effort towards common outcomes. 
  3. Add Certainty through Systems – developing systems creates certainty, enables delegation, adds consistency and builds trust with key stakeholders. Focus on the top 3 systems / processes that will enable you to free up your time… then fill that time with even more value adding actions. 
  4. We are always Selling – whether it is our product, our skills or ourselves… we are constantly selling something. Embracing this and being able to tie your conversation to emotion, will improve the potential for others to buy what it is that you are offering them… that product, that service, that scenario, that dream. Identify the pain points, make it matter or evoke a feeling, then help solve the pain points and have the feeling they really want.

Supercharging your business will bring valuable efficiencies, create new opportunities, develop relationships and change the feeling in your teams. Get connected through leadership, get a strategy in place, get systems happening and always be selling… and you will take your business to the next level. 
Helping quality people, like you, is our jam. If this article will help someone in your networks, please forward to them. If it has raised a desire to create change for you and your business, let’s chat as we’d love to help.  

Cheers and have another awesome week!