So the 2020 whirlwind has hit us and those well laid plans we set up for ourselves, have started to be thrown out of the window. Our focus has gone from the strategic management of our business to managing the day to day. It doesn’t take long to start chasing v being in control. 

As leaders, it’s key for us to be looking for opportunities to keep an eye on the big picture. Constantly being in the weeds will make delivering our desired vision challenging. To do this, we consider what we spend our time on and is there someone else better placed to take the activity on.

Setting and delivering a vision in business takes time and focus. Create the space by having others take on items you currently do.

Setting and delivering a vision in business takes time and focus. Create the space by having others take on items you currently do.

So how do you delegate tasks to create time for you to take on higher value activities… here are some tips:

  • Value your Time
    What is your hourly charge out rate? Would you pay someone else this amount to do what you are doing? If the answer is no, then seek out options to have someone at a more suitable rate take the activity off your plate. If you are in business, divide your annual turnover by 1800 and this can be used.   

  • Meetings
    Death by meeting is a phrase we’ve heard often. Where you have a team, ask whether you actually need to be in the meeting. Whether it’s with clients or suppliers, your team may be able to handle this and simply keep you in the loop.     

  • Development opportunities
    Being clear on how your team members want to grow, allows you to recognise times to involve them to build their skills. Include them, build their confidence and you are on your way to being able to have them take this over more regularly    

  • Roles & Responsibilities 
    When setting these, whether it’s a refresh or you have a new starter, look at what you are doing and what can become part of their role. Be ruthless and have them take items off your plate. 

  • Outsource
    Where you spend a lot of time on something, ask is there someone who can do it more efficiently than you. If they aren’t in your circle, look outside to someone who can help add value. Am I a web developer? If no, then here’s an opportunity to have something done while you get on with what’s your specialty.

Time is becoming an even more precious commodity. Identifying opportunities to create time is an extremely valuable skill… allowing you to take on more high level activities. Check in on what you spend your time on and get delegating to add even more value !!    

Please forward this to anyone who needs help managing this process. If you need help getting the best result in these circumstances… let’s chat about how we can help.

Paul Farmer
Managing Director