Value Yourself by Valuing Your Time and You will Smash your Expectations 

To be honest the past 8 weeks have been a blur. Days filled with client strategy and sounding board sessions, financial projection sessions, running full day business coaching groups, online business leader mentoring and facilitating a multi day strategy summit… it’s been insanely great to be fair. It’s also given us a renewed perspective on how precious our time is and how easily we can take it for granted. 

Recognising that where we choose to spend our time is valuable, and taking steps to deliver on what we set out to achieve will give us the feelings we want as a result. Procrastination, time wasting, lack of clarity and limited direction all contribute to you wasting your most valuable asset…. time.

When frustration kicks in and you feel you have lost control of how you spend your time, here are 5 Ways to Value Yourself by Valuing Your Time:

  1. We choose how we spend our time – when we lose sight of this, it feels like the tail is wagging the dog. The timetables of others drive yours, you prioritise others over yourself, you are last in the line. We choose to do this, maybe subconsciously, but we do. We can also choose to prioritise our needs and wants, to ensure we are getting the best return on our time, effort and money.
  2. The Financial Value – Attaching a financial value to your time, helps deliver the feeling of what “lost” time can cost us. It also highlights the value of scheduling in opportunities to do even more things that give you a buzz… these are an investment in you and again will add to the return you get. 
  3. My House My Rules – the way you choose to use your time is up to you. Where you value yourself, you will choose to show others that your schedule is managed by you and that getting time in there isn’t a given… it’s something that fits in to your schedule. Own your schedule to allow you to control how effective your time is. 
  4. Fill your Cup often – this is HUGE. Make time for you to recharge your batteries, to invest in you and do things that pump your tyres up. Teams look to you as a Leader for motivation, Inspiration, Vision and a certain energy to help them be the same. This is easier to do when you aren’t spent. Little things often will keep you topped up.
  5. Efficiency v More – most feel we need to take on more to grow or add more value. By valuing our time, setting non-negotiable time slots for activities, setting up your schedule the night before so you know what’s happening… these all deliver efficiencies which allows flexibility as to where you choose to spend your time.

When we value us and our time, we are able to control and influence the satisfaction we get from the activities we choose to take on. You matter, your time matters, your ability to influence what you do maters…. so recognise this and start putting you first.      
Helping quality people, like you, is our jam. If this article will help someone in your networks, please forward to them. If it has raised a desire to create change for you and your business, let’s chat as we would love to help.  

Cheers and have an awesome week!

Paul Farmer
Managing Director
“Changing Lives… one business at a time”