“There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them”.     Denis Waitley 

Over the past week I’ve encountered situations where people and teams were challenged with members not getting the results expected of them. In each situation, it was identified that the responsibility for getting the desired outcome was perceived to sit with the leader or coach, and not the individual or team.  

Accountability is the obligation of an individual or organisation to account for its activities, accept responsibility for them, and to openly disclose the results. From not showing enough to be promoted, to not delivering all that’s expected as per a job description to not taking ownership of working together as a team, these recent examples lacked elements of accountability.   

3 tips to be account…a…ble

So how do we hold ourselves accountable for getting outstanding results? Here are 3 tips to help: 

  • Set clear expectations – by having a conversation as to whether what’s expected is actually in line with what drives someone, you are setting things up to ensure goals are aligned with expectations

  • Set the standard – leaders have a job in setting standards. If a certain level of performance is expected, then the leaders should regularly exceed this standard so as to show others how it’s done

  • Hold people to account – standards and expectations are in place for a reason. Show why they matter and what it will be like when they are achieved. If this isn’t in line with the desires of those involved, then maybe it’s time for them to look at other options.

This week, look at you and your teams results and are they where you want them to be. If yes, awesome and keep going! If no, try implementing these 3 tips and see what changes as a result.

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Have an awesome week!