The clarity that comes with knowing who is driven and wants to grow a business is extremely valuable. Confidence, proactivity, focus and delivering quality results are an attractive combination. These things come when a team is aligned… aligned on their outcomes, aligned on what having these achieved will mean to everyone, and clearly aligned on how much each team member means to the business / team.    

The past week bought up the importance of clarity… being clear on what the business wants, what each person wants, and how to create alignment between these. Opportunities to create growth and show that others matter, however small these opportunities may seem, create a desire to continue growing. Building a culture of “excellence together”, allows teams to grow and create super results…. building a superb feeling in the business.

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So you want to create top shelf environment where all team members understand their worth and strive to create growth, here are three key areas of focus:

Top things to focus

  1. Encourage “Managing Upwards” – too often it’s left to the more senior team members to direct those who work with them. We’ve seen where this is flipped on it’s head, and team members are empowered to take control of things in their space, the results change overnight. This ownership coupled with coaching and guidance, sees team members looking to take on more and keen to own more higher level opportunities;  
  2. “What is it you need for me today” – most team members want to know you’ve got their back and you are there for them. Showing you are thinking about them and that you are wanting to know how to consistently set them up for success, will give them the buzz most generally seek but won’t openly ask for. Open up that opportunity for others to ask… and they will ask and feel like they matter; 
  3. Think Win Win – where you want those in your space to be successful, taking on the responsibility for creating and promoting opportunities for this to happen will facilitate growth at all levels. Seeing you actively look to create growth opportunities for all team members, setting them up for success, will see both you and those around you getting awesome results. This is what we see as a win win… 

If you want those in your circles to be successful, it always comes back to how you make them feel. Empowerment, forward thinking and support will create a culture of proactivity and confidence, and have team members seeking out ways to do more Letting them know they matter, they are highly capable and they are helping deliver the vision of the business will have them striving… for both them and for the business. Make time to include these elements in your schedule today and to get help implementing, then let’s connect. 

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