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Over the past four months we’ve spent time with SME owners, helping them navigate the uncertainty and lack of clarity that comes with an unprecedented pandemic. To be honest, it’s been heavy at times and there have been many challenging conversations… most about what’s possible for their businesses and who they need to be to create this. 
The power that those in senior positions have, comes from a place of being able to influence… influence the standards, the activity and the direction of those within the business. To ensure your influence has a positive impact, we need to be living the standards we expect. Self empowerment ensures your teams have a gold star example to follow. Owning your own sh!t shows them the standard you expect.

Leader with his team

To be that leader who has control of their space, there are are three key elements that will help:

  1. Value Yourself – seeing you have the skills, experience and respect to be the leader your team needs is critical. Backing your abilities, helping others see how valuable your time is and managing your schedule so you are spending your time on the highest value activities, will create even more high quality results

  2. Where is your focus and what’s your plan – if we are stuck in survival mode, more than likely our business will be in the same space. Leaders are expected to think bigger, further and show they have a vision of growth for the business. Are you in this growth space and if not, then you need to shift your focus to bring this to the table as your teams need this to follow   

  3. Get accountable to someone – the corner office can be a lonely space when the expectations of growth are on you. Holding yourself accountable, or getting someone external to the business, will bring an independent element of accountability to delivery of your vision / plan. Add this to your schedule to drive results.

Leaders who are able to practice self empowerment are the ones who make better decisions more often, and provide an example to their teams to inspire and motivate. Get empowered, value your time, get direction and add accountability to drive performance and create the business you want.  
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Make time to include these elements in your schedule today and if you need help, then connect with us.