ask the question

Have you ever been ‘stuck’ to ask the question for whatever reason, whether a promotion, an opportunity or simply to see what’s around the corner? The past week involved conversations about strategic partnering, growth strategies, what to do when you find yourself in a leadership position and also some time at the cricket…networking of course. 

It was from the cricket experience that I gained my biggest lesson, and not in the way that you may imagine. A great mate (pictured) is currently acting manager of the England cricket team and was in Brisbane for the game. Another friend and his son were there and trying to get a bucket signed by players as they took the field… piecemeal at best. By asking the question I managed to get the bucket signed by the whole team and the son was stoked. 

So what’s in this for us all?

Ask the question… if asking a question helps get an answer so you can then take more action or change your direction then ask it. Too often we worry about what others will think or what might happen….. ignoring the possibility of getting what you want. 

So this week, list all the questions you feel you want to ask but don’t as you may be conscious of what someone’s reaction might be or what might happen…. and ask them. Either way you’ll know what’s possible and can get on with things.

Have an awesome week!