How good is it to see the success the Australian team are having at the Tokyo Olympics at the moment. I’m going to be honest, i’ve shed a tear on several occasions while watching the years of sacrifice, hard work, dedication and persistence, create outcomes that for some will never be repeatable… and leave us with goosebumps To deal with constant uncertainty, unforeseen obstacles, injury setbacks and sometimes even continued success… highlight the requirement for them, and their coaches, to maintain a focus on what truly matters and what’s going to get them to their ultimate outcomes.

So as bright shiny things come up and your “stuff” gets in the way… having the ability to maintain “your” path is something we tend to organically learn growing up. When your desired outcome is clear and the feeling of achieving it is strong… then it’s what you do along the way that sets you up either for success or for a series of learnings. Choose to focus on the process and you too can create results that will get you on to your podium.

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So how do they create seemingly superhuman results that propel them in to the spotlight and how can you do the same thing in your space? Here are three key elements to help you get your clarity and maintain focus to create your way forward: 

3 Key elements to create the ultimate result you are looking to achieve

  1. What are you actually working towards – this can become uncertain when there is so much information and so many decisions to be made on limited information. Create that ultimate result you are looking to achieve, whether it is winning the 200m freestyle in Tokyo in July 2021, or being able to choose how much time you spend in your business and how much you can spend with your family… knowing this adds certainty to your desired destination
  2. For what purpose / Why does it actually matter – knowing what you are building and why it matters allows you to fully understand what it will take to make it happen and what it will feel like when you have it. Providing financial security, creating your legacy, helping even more people create even more success, realising a childhood dream… being clear why making your outcomes happen and what they will create for you allows you to attach real meaning to their achievement
  3. What is the process to follow – if you continue to focus on the top of the mountain, you will surely trip on the rock in front of you… swimmers speak of focusing on the monotonous black line on the bottom of the pool, not the end. In your space, what’s your black line equivalent… your schedule each day, touch-points with your teams or stakeholders, connecting with new and existing ideal clients… these are the things that, when they get your focus and attention, will see you get your podium finish. Choose to stay focused and the feelings you want by getting to the top of your mountain will turn up.

We love the passion the Olympics evokes in all of us. It shows how sport, business and life are all connected and that regardless of the uncertainty and challenge being faced, where you choose to focus in the right areas, supreme results are always possible. Be the leader who shows your stakeholders what’s possible, dare to dream and above all focus on the process and the results will come !!!

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