Authenticity in Practise

“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be, and embracing who we are”

Over the course of the past week I have met some amazing people and had many conversations that have reinforced the belief that being yourself is so much easier that trying to be something you are not. 

The common theme was getting comfortable with who you were and by being who you wanted to be, meant you would attract the same type of people or those who wanted to be like you. Authenticity is fast becoming a sought after commodity, especially with the unknown integrity of online world. To know, like and trust the people you are with creates a deeper level of integrity… something that is key to building relationships.

So how can you be authentic and why does it matter? 

  1. Stay true to your values – If others in your circles choose to apply the theory of “whinge, bitch, moan”, be the person who stays true to their values and act accordingly. This may see you have others gravitate towards you because of this strength

  2. Be consistent – while we have so many interactions on a professional and personal level, being the person who chooses to be the genuine person in each situation builds trust… something that helps build rapport and opens up opportunities

  3. Have Fun with your Uniqueness – there is only one of you so find your authentic way and have fun with it. Be the one who is comfortable being themselves that others see you for you… trust me it will open so many more doors.

So this week, be the person you truly want to be. If it’s the person who stands tall and stays true to their values of integrity, honesty, loyalty and shows why people should trust you… then be that person. 2018 is the year for discovering who you are and letting others see that person…. I know you can do it !!!  

Have an awesome week and please share this if you feel it would resonate with those in your extended networks.


Paul Farmer
Mentoris Group