Team Leadership

In the current climate of change and uncharted waters, it’s even more important to understand that showing leadership at all levels is very powerful. Yes things may be changing constantly, sometimes hourly, daily, weekly… but there is one constant that will make a difference. Helping your teams see that they all have a role to play in ensuring that the business keeps moving forward.

It’s when we come together and embrace this power that we truly appreciate the strength that we already possess. I remember hearing a great man once say “A fist is stronger than 5 fingers”. In times of challenge and change, this cohesion and all working together will help keep you moving forwards.

team leadership

So this week here are 3 tips to help those in your teams see the power of leading at all levels:  

  1. Silence is deafening – openly keeping those around you in the loop on what’s going on will limit the “What if” scenarios and making of assumptions. If you don’t know something say so, and also that you are working on getting a direction. This is even more valuable for team members as senior leaders tend to have so much going on. Little updates often really help !    

  2. Take even more ownership for your standards – managing the level you operate at brings exponential value to the table. When others are able to see that regardless of what’s happening outside you are continuing to deliver at a high quality, this breeds trust and certainty. To a senior leader, this is valuable as it lets them get on with steering the ship through the choppy waters. 

  3. Offer to step up – seizing an opportunity to take on more / different work creates time for those around you. This is a perfect time to look at your capacity and to reach out to others who may be under the pump. Offering to create time in a busy schedule will always be valued and appreciated. 

Make leadership be your number one priority this week. How can I take ownership for what I am doing and add even more value to those around me. By you giving others the opportunity to see this change, you benefit, the team benefits and those who are short of time will be extremely grateful i’m sure.    

Forward this to those you believe will benefit from reading it. If you feel this will help getting the best result for you and your teams… let’s chat about how we can help add value.

Paul Farmer
Managing Director