Be a Leader

Over the weekend there were a number of significant events that occurred in my world. Friday saw a team I was involved in win a corporate golf day, Saturday my old school First XV won an annual grudge rugby game, Saturday night we had a 25 year School reunion, and Sunday was Father’s Day. So some quite significant events to be a part of.

A number of things stood out from my involvement with these different events:

By definition a team is made up of 2 or more people. Each brings their own skills and has their own way of getting the best from themselves – as we are all leaders we need to find this and use it.
Listen without judgement – you may amazed at what you hear and learn. 
Be grateful for the opportunities afforded to you and others around you – take note of the great times and pull on these in the not so great times. 

This week is another opportunity to step up so take it head on and teach is who’s in charge!

Drop me a note or leave a comment to let me know how you go!