Isn’t it always the case that when you get busy, you tend to get tunnel vision and choose to focus on the NOW. “My To Do Now List is growing and it seems as though it never gets completed” is something that we hear a LOT. Has this been you recently and did you get that sense of overwhelm and frustration that you felt like you weren’t making any progress.

The challenge of being in this space consistently, is that you generally spend your time focused on what’s happening now and take your eye off growing. The busyness prevents you from growing because you don’t see you have time to invest in activities that will help you grow… business development opportunities, client conversations, attending a charity lunch with your ideal referral partners, adding a skill to see you add even more value to you and your business.

If I go to those things I will most probably get more work and I can’t handle what I have going on at the moment… sound familiar to anyone ?

So how do you cut through the subconscious mindset of “If I can’t even clear my To Do List, how am I going to manage potential growth?” We have identified 3 ways you can get past this mindset to set you up for even more happiness:

3 Key ideas to create business development opportunities

  1. Always be growing – within the way you operate, you always need to be looking to grow. Whether it’s new clients, whether it’s innovative new ideas, connecting with current clients… you always want to be creating momentum and moving forward. Focusing purely on now will find you one day stop and realise you’ve not planned for what’s happening tomorrow. Always keep one eye on what you want tomorrow to look like to ensure today is building your future direction
  2. Be Smart – if you focus on all of the bright shiny things that come up, and let’s be honest these days there are plenty, you will drop the ball and make no progress. Choose the A grade work, the A grade clients, the activities that are going to add to your business giving you the feeling you want. You choose who you work with and who gets to work with you… so be clear on the values of those you choose to let in to your space. Your time, your skills, your experience are super Valuable and why people come to you in the first place
  3. Stop, Collaborate and Listen – where you have an abundance of work and opportunities, this allows you to identify ways of connecting with others in your space. Too much work could be a perfect opportunity, with the right people, to work with others and have them take on some of your excess. Whether it’s through effective delegation to your quality team members, adding trusted experts in your space, adding team players…. these all allow you to take advantage of the excess. Asking for help is a sign of strength… especially when the business will grow as a result.

Having a growth mindset and choosing to keep one eye on creating momentum is key… especially when you have a lot going on. Take time to look around you… i’m pretty sure you already have quality humans around you who will happily step up if given the opportunity. Be the business leader who creates that opportunity, gives up some control yet creates space for themselves to keep growing.

Is this you and is this something you need to work on? If yes, let’s chat as we love to see quality people deliver on their potential. Click on the links to set up a Check-in to see how you can get the ball rolling on your momentum.

Have an awesome week and look forward to connecting soon.