customer service

Over the past month there have been several conversations where customer service has been raised and managing client expectations has been identified as a business strategy challenge. “The customer is always right” gets thrown about a lot and depending on the way we act, we can actually create a win win situation with quality results.

So how can we ensure the experience we are delivering, whether it be external stakeholders or team members, ensures the customer has every reason to be happy. Here are some tips to help align delivery standards and expectations:

Set Clear Expectations up front – make time to set these up front, whether with clients or your team. Taking a little extra time up front, making sure it’s clear what’s expected by all, can deliver efficiencies and quicker quality results.

Managing expectations – Giving and getting feedback through regular check in’s helps ensure things keep moving in the right direction. Providing a “that’s perfect” or “that’s exactly what we are looking for… keep it up” goes a long way to ensuring your team keep delivering top shelf standards

Be Proactive – Being on the front foot with customers and team members ensures they are “up to speed” on what you are trying to achieve. Only you knowing what you want isn’t going to get those involved to buy in to the process. Let those around you know what your plan is, how key the part they play is and what it means to have them involved.

Think about your past month and the customer experience you’ve encountered. How could the above tips have helped deliver an awesome experience and even better results. Apply them this week and let us know the results you get.

Have an awesome week !