A comment I often get is “you always see the potential and lift people/businesses up to match that potential… I can see why people love spending time with you”. Feedback like that is very much appreciated, and a result of a lot of hard work.
So why does it matter what type of person I am when I’m helping others challenge themselves? Ask yourself a few questions:
Would you go to a hairdresser who had a horrible haircut?
Would you go to a PT who didn’t look like they exercised themselves?
Would you go to a dentist with no teeth?
When looking at changing behaviours, there are a number of methods that can be effective. One of the best is modelling behaviour… looking at the behaviours of those who are getting the outcomes you want and following their path and activities.
And this is an area where you can make a difference / immediate impact… being the person others look at when they are being challenged is a reflection of how you handle yourself when you are challenged. Adopting an attitude of focusing on the potential versus the problems will find you being someone who is being modelled.
So this week, be THAT person… the one who sets the example of what is possible and you may find you are the one being modelled. 

Have an awesome week!