Be the Hero in your own story – How often do you see children’s stories involving a person who does something heroic? Last week there was a seminar Myriad 2017 held at the Brisbane Powerhouse. Among the speakers was Patrice Brown, Telstra Business Women’s Queensland Entrepreneur for 2016. Among her segment, she highlighted the following concept which resonated… “Be the Hero in your own story”. 

So why did this resonate?

With the advent of social media, our expectations of ourselves and the way we live our lives has changed. We spend a lot more time being busy, wrapped up in what others think of what we do. Sometimes this can be a good thing, other times it’s us simply filling up a day without trying to achieve our desired outcomes. 

We always have the choice to make a decision and change a strategy that isn’t currently working, our path, our direction. If we choose to not take action, we will be left Wishing, Waiting and Hoping things will change.

We each set out on our own journey, initially influenced by those around us and the experiences we have. Then we are told to be considerate to others needs and somewhere along the line we start to be driven by what we think others expect from us…. our thoughts about what others think drives our decision making processes. Far too often I see people going about their days not putting their hand up to be the hero… that takes far too much courage and being brave.  
So how do we do it?

A few ways that we can choose be the hero: 

  • Are you doing all you can to ensure you are living life on your terms… if not it’s time to mix things up

  • Realise it is your story, so step up and take responsibility for your direction

  • Consider what you want your legacy to be

  • Embrace the exciting opportunity to shape your own future… make decisions and choose to fill your days surrounded by quality people

This week, look at the book of your life. Are you driving the direction of your story in a hero like manner… or are others driving it for you. You want your legacy to be an interesting read and a true reflection of you…. then get making decisions and choosing to make things happen.

Have an awesome week!