being fully present

How can we adjust to being fully present to build our Resilience? “Are you listening to me” or “did you hear what I just said” are phrases that we hear all too often as we are growing up. Is it intentional that we are not focussing on the person in front of us, or is it simply somewhere else we would rather be than doing our homework?

Being fully present means having your focus, your attention, your thoughts and feelings all fixed on the task at hand. If you are speaking to somebody, then your attention and energy is focused on them and what they are saying. If you are doing a task, then your entire being is focused on the task. 

At the same time we are also encouraged to multitask, something us men traditionally struggle with, to get more achieved in the same timeframe. The classic image of someone having simultaneous conversations on multiple phones comes to mind. Being fully present means you hear all the information, make others feel like you are actually listening and allows your decisions to be based on facts, rather than your interpretation of the facts.

A couple of tips to help you be fully present:

  • take an open mind in to meetings rather than just your view, freeing you up to process all the information and ideas

  • focus on hearing what someone else has to say, rather than what you are going to respond with

  • leave “your views” in their box and use the other person’s thoughts, ideas, information to help clear challenges

You will find that the quality of your decision making will reflect this renewed focus. Have better information, build better rapport with your colleagues and who knows…. others may leave your meetings feeling special because you have taken the time to actually listen.   

Let me know how you go on and have an awesome week !