being inspired

The past three days have been filled with so many different emotions and reasons for being Inspired. Some events saw the recognition of outstanding achievements, others saw people setting out on a new journey.

Looking back on these events, it became obvious that regardless of the outcome, choosing to see the inspirational nature of the event or people involved gave me motivation to strive for more.

As children we grow up idolising those we see as role models, whether it be parents, siblings, friends… even sporting stars. These are people who come in to our lives and carry themselves in a way that resonates… and we model their behaviour. We are inspired to be just like them…. wanting to achieve the standards they set.
The time then comes where we continue to be inspired by others, however we also become those being modelled. Now it’s up to us to set the example, show those who look to us at what level the standard should be set.  

So this week think about both you and those around you, whether it be friends, family, customers, staff. Think about the standard you are setting and whether you are currently setting the bar high enough. Would you be inspired by you and your actions?

On a personal note, this week’s motivator is dedicated to someone we lost this week who I modelled and aspired to be like. He knowingly set a high standard and expected all those around him to do the same… RIP mate, you will be missed and it has been an honour playing at your level. 

Have an awesome week!