“Beliefs are possibility filters…” – Sharon Pearson TCI

You sit down this morning to plan out your week and find there are meetings to be booked, conversations to be had, travel plans to be made, finances to be considered, family commitments to be planned… so much on your plate ! It’s at this moment you choose to focus on the ever increasing mountain of things to be done and how little time you believe you have. This is a challenge faced by most these days.  

What’s important for me, is that you have actually made time to sit down to make a plan…. setting priorities, allocating time and making the effort to add structure in to your week. Believing you and those around you can get things done helps you add more and more activities to your schedule… raising the bar and delivering even better results. Self belief in you and your team’s ability is key to performing at the next level.     

Here are 3 tips how to build self belief and why it matters:  

  1. Replace current unresourceful beliefs with resourceful beliefsthe belief that we never have enough time to get things done is common, generally built up over time based on a lack of planning. Yet by making time through scheduling , you can change this belief to be one of I know how much time I need and it’s in the diary.

  2. Surround yourself with other quality people when spending time with other motivated and driven people, it encourages you to raise your standards and get the results similar to them. Find that group who match your motivation and believe you can operate at their level.

  3. Ask for helpseeing you can take things on is challenging, especially when you may have been challenged previously. If you can’t see a way to build yourself up, seek out someone who is of a “Can Do” attitude. This helps take action and start creating momentum.

This week, check in with where your mindset is on making the week successful. If you are constantly throwing up roadblocks to getting epic results, consider the 3 tips and see how they can help create momentum.       

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Cheers and have an awesome week!