change and challenge

We all go through times where we experience periods of change and challenge, sometimes making decisions resulting in less than satisfactory outcomes. Some wish they could dig themselves a deep hole and hide, others accept the result and get back in the ring to take on the new challenge to get things back on track.  

Possessing the ability to handle this stress and anxiety, allowing quality decisions to be made under pressure, is classified as having resilience. Recently, reported 76% of employees didn’t have enough resilience, with a third having almost no resilience. 

So where do we learn to be resilient through change and challenge? When we are growing up, our experiences shape our ability to make decisions. If we are encouraged to make decisions and experience things regardless of the outcome, we are more likely to develop this resilience earlier. If we are protected from making decisions in these formative years, we don’t get the opportunity to learn from errors in judgement and thereby building our resilience for later life.

How do we build resilience? There are various way, however the one you can implement today is making more decisions. You find change and challenge thrown at you – make a decision and go with it. When we sit back and ponder the what if scenarios, we become more likely to become anxious and get overwhelmed. Taking action and making a decision gives you direction. Should this not be the best choice – make another decision and change the direction and get on with taking action. Once you start to make more decisions, you will learn what makes a quality decision and be able to make them more often.

So this week, assess your level of resilience. Are you able to make decisions and take action, or do you sit and worry about the outcome you “might” get. Make that decision, get your direction and take action… bringing on the benefits of more quality decisions.

Have an awesome week and let me know how your are getting on with your decision making.