Business leader thinking about the future

Things have escalated in the past month. This time last month a number of business owners and leaders were in Queenstown. At the start of the week, the situation was “being managed” and things were being put in place. By the end of the week, we were looking at travel bans and forced quarantine being enforced. We were seeing change leadership to “manage” the challenges ahead.

The consensus between the group was that the strategies we had in place 2 months ago needed to change and change now. To adapt to the new “normal”, we needed to be proactive and seek new ways of thinking and doing business. Each identified areas of their business that would be their focus for that coming week.

This week, the business owners we’ve spoken to have also been identifying ways to innovate. One example is our local cafe who have been super impressive. The owners have seen a reduction of foot traffic, being forced to reduce their offerings to take-away meals and drinks. They assessed where the local foot traffic was NOW… and placed a sign in that space. The foot traffic is back on the rise again. Not a groundbreaking concept some would say, yet one that’s proving to be effective !

Business meeting overlooking the Brisbane river

To be the change leader and create opportunities for those in your circles, thinking outside the box is needed. Here are some things i’ve found to help you think laterally:

  • Where is the flow now – 2 months ago we were focused on delivering our 2020 strategy, developed in a strategy session in either December or January. Now that the market has shifted, how do we re-strategise to see where to focus. Have that strategy session and get a plan in place to get after the new flow.

  • How do we help growth – growth in times like this can be for you, your business and others in your circles. Helping connect other businesses who will benefit is as beneficial to your “trust bank” as is getting business for you. Helping others to me is enabling growth from which your business will benefit.  

  • Our mindset matters – it’s ok to have bad days…. you aren’t the first one and nor will you be the last to have one. Not every day is going to be stellar…. acknowledge it and then look to how you can consciously change. This will help us BE the leaders we need to be, to DO the things we need to ultimately HAVE the outcomes we want. Check in regularly and ask yourself “What would a true leader do now?”.

Being able and willing to change the way you operate is key… equally important for both owners and leaders within a business. Adapting to new activity flows and providing opportunities for all team members to add extra value, will identify new options to innovate and keep moving forward. Change leadership will see you and your business survive and be ready to flourish when things recover. 

Forward this on to those who need this right now. Get in contact if you need a sounding board to see options to keep moving forward. We would love to help add value to your business and teams.

Stay safe, keep looking forward and remember…. “The 1% efforts matter.”

Paul Farmer
Managing Director