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A distressed business is generally driven by a distressed business owner. When you feel like you’ve lost control of your business… you usually have. So take a breather for a moment, and let Mentoris Group lead your company to a business turnaround.
Since working with Paul at the Mentoris Group we have been able to open up new pathways and develop new thinking about our business which has been invaluable in a great number of ways.
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Mentoris Group Helps Reset Your Business Perception 

A business owner facing a financial crisis can be rooted in different aspects. The market has probably become more competitive. Or the market has changed, and the company has failed to adapt. But generally, this issue is due to the skillset of the business owner, where their focus is and a lack of financial understanding.

Also, a financial crisis often starts with a strategic crisis. Troubled companies that are unsure of their plans operate under immense pressure. In just a few months, they’d experience the warning signs, such as declining market share. If they ignore those signs, their strategic crisis can morph into a huge profit issue. Consecutive months of stagnant or falling sales will force them to burn through cash reserves. 

If that’s what’s been happening to your company, there’s still a way to turn things around. Mentoris Group is here to help reset your perception of what’s possible.

Our team has a fresh set of eyes to assess your situation with complete objectivity. We’re here to discover solutions that you and other people too close to the business can’t see. Count on our business turnaround specialists to transform your company.

Let’s Start the Business Turnaround with Strategic Discovery

Before we do anything, we have to see where your business currently sits and the severity of the situation. Our turnaround strategy begins with extensive discovery.

During turnaround management, what we do is create awareness on the following:

  • The specific business drivers (Cash Flow, Forecasts, Margins, Labour productivity, Reputation & Relationships)
  • The financial impact of these drivers and how to influence the monthly results
  • Who the business owner will BE to create the results they actually want
  • The focus areas to help create immediate momentum to turn around the business and prevent administration and insolvency (where possible)

We listen to understand your space, what you actually want your business to be, what’s stopping you from having this, and how we can help you shift the current barriers to build this business. That’s the blueprint of our business turnaround services. 

Keep Your Business Afloat with a Remarkable Turnaround

Led by an expert business coach in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney, the Mentoris Group has achieved successful business turnarounds. We’ve helped owners view their company from a different lens—look at what the financials are telling them and acknowledge their pain point. In turn, our team has empowered them to address their persistent issues and even open up extra opportunities to create impactful business momentum.

We can do the same for you. Let us help you make a remarkable turnaround—a stable move from financial distress into sustainable profits and a strong cash flow.


Mentoris brings skills in Strategic Planning, Forecasting, Team dynamics and Accountability to help you discover options and pathways you may not have considered possible.

Business Strategy

Sick of getting the same results and want to create a clear direction for your business? Getting the results you want from your business can be challenging – Get a clear direction with a strategy


Our Strategic Workshops are for those looking to get a unified strategic direction, we provide an opportunity for our skilled facilitators to guide your team towards clarity.


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About Paul Farmer, Mentoris CEO and Business Coach

With a background in finance, business strategy and leadership, Paul has built a reputation as a business mentor responsible for getting the best out of business owners and leaders. His calm and measured ways help create an environment where quality results are created, and growth is delivered for any business or large organisation.  

For the best business mentor Brisbane and the Gold Coast has to offer, contact Paul Farmer at Mentoris. If you are a business owner seeking business mentoring support from someone with many proven years experience, you’ve come to the right place. 

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