Paul Farmer standing with 2 guys at the airport

“One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.” Albert Schweitzer

 Change management is powerful. Recently we had the honour of meeting this inspirational man, Ben Tullipan. Ben was the worst injured survivor from the Bali bombing in October 2002. At the time of the bombing, Ben was a successful furniture importer from Brisbane, on a buying trip to Indonesia. Not only did he fight on and survive his horrific injuries, but he now walks again thanks to two prosthetic legs and his ‘never say die’ attitude.

In business, change is inevitable. Whether it’s forced on us by external forces, or whether it’s the result of an internal strategic review, to ensure our business continues to be successful we need to be flexible enough to take on change. From the Board of Directors to the apprentices, being able to adapt to needed change is a key component of business.  

Change in nature

So how can you implement change in your circles and maximise it’s impact? Here are some tips to help:

  • Be clear on the reason for change and desired outcomes  –  forced change, like what’s being experienced at the moment, comes with a clear reason for needing to exercise flexibility. Review your strategy and reset your targets to reflect how this change will impact your business.  

  • Know your starting point – when looking to change your direction or the way you operate, you must know what’s the current state of play. Know your financial information, know your forward commitments, know your team’s roles and strengths. Being aware in these areas will help you make more informed decisions to create value going forward.

  • Innovation isn’t limited to owners – as business owners we don’t have all the answers. Including team members in conversations will often identify efficiencies, new options, ways to create more value. We hire quality people for this reason, let’s listen to them and be open to thinking left field.

Consider the change your business is facing at the moment. As leaders in your businesses, the way we manage this change will determine your success. Know where you are now, get clear on the reason for change and embrace innovation to get the results you now want.

Forward this on to those who need this right now and get in contact if you need to reset your current strategy.

Stay safe and keep looking forward legends !

Paul Farmer
Managing Director