Changing your Perspectives

Throughout our lives, situations arise where we are forced to make changes – where we must consider options and make decisions. These situations can be stressful having impact on our health and wellbeing. Being able to manage this stress is an important part of living the life you want.
Sometimes this change can be positive – being headhunted by another company, being asked to step up to a management team or becoming a parent for the first time. These changes all have the opportunity to enhance your lives and make you feel great.
We also encounter negative changes… like facing redundancy, losing a client or spending too much time dealing with ‘admin’ preventing you from getting on with the things that really matter in your business.
In both scenarios – there is the real potential for stress and you have the choice as to how you react to this change. They present an opportunity to alter the way you view things, creating a better outcome. A redundancy, for example, means change but it can also mean a new beginning with new learning and personal development opportunities. It may serve to remove uncertainty around your future and means you can get on with what’s next.
This week look at the decisions you are facing, and where they appear to be negative, ask what will I do to get a beneficial outcome out of this situation.
Have an awesome week!