clarity and focus

“People are remarkably bad at remembering long lists of goals. I learned this at a professional level when trying to get my high-performance coaching clients to stay on track; the longer their lists of to-dos and goals, the more overwhelmed and off-track they got. Clarity comes with simplicity”. Brendon Burchard

Over the past week i’ve spent time with business owners and leaders who are working harder than they have ever worked. Longer hours in the office, less time with family and friends, inconsistent cashflow and operating purely on “gut feel” are areas that consistently come up. Experiencing these and also feeling frustrated?

I was there 12 months ago and decided i’d had enough. Turning to the quality people I choose to have around me, I asked the question “What do I really want to be doing and what am I currently focussing on”. This made me realise that my vision was cloudy and the resulting uncertainty was impacting the action I was able to take. 

So what does this mean for you? Here is a simple model that you can apply to help you get clear:

  • Goals / Outcomes – Getting VERY clear on what you want to achieve (Start with the end in mind – Stephen Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) gives you a target

  • Reality – a starting point allows you to see the full path to get the results you want. Accepting you are where you are gives you a starting point

  • Options / Opportunities – these are the steps on the path of your journey. Choosing what you want allows focus areas to be clearly identified and the right steps taken

  • What’s next / Next Steps – these are the action items identified to get your ultimate results. Knowing how to create momentum makes it easier to start taking action.  

This week, check in on how cloudy your thought processes are and whether this is impacting your ability to take action. Get clear, be honest and get after what you truly want.

We’d love for you to forward this on to those in your networks who’ll benefit from regular tips. If you need more help removing uncertainty in your focus areas, send a note at and we will call you to chat.

Have an awesome week!

Paul Farmer
Managing Director