By virtue of changing the way we work and live our lives, the disruption has added an element of uncertainty. This uncertainty is being blamed by some for abnormal results… clients are more price conscious, schedules are constantly changing even more, team members are feeling they are being swamped with requests, and many have lost clarity on what their business actually is and what they actually want it to be. Many are questioning themselves and whether their ladder is leaning against a wall they want to climb.

It’s key to acknowledge that things have changed. The way people think and operate now is different…. and that’s ok. By accepting things have changed, you can choose to get clear on what this means for you and ask yourself “is the ladder i’m climbing getting me to a destination that I really want to reach.” Your time, effort & money is valuable… so understanding whether you are creating YOUR desired destination will help you identify the rungs on your ladder. The way you’ve done things in the past may not be the best way to get great results now…. and that’s ok as well.

Only you can change your situation

So if you’re looking to reset your “wall”, clarify a few things to help you understand what exactly you want from your effort.

Here are three key areas that will add value to you and those in your circles:

  • Know your numbers – “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” is a saying we’ve heard from mentors of ours. Having clear targets and expectations will focus your effort in those areas that will help achieve these targets. New clients added, quotes followed up, new collaborations formed and invoices issued are all key to managing growth… and these will be different for each business. It’s interesting how competitive our clients get when we work to set challenging targets and provide incentives for achieving them. The feeling of smashing expectations gets the action going !!!
  • You create the success you want – Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders (the second image) epitomises this attitude. “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me” means you are the ones who are charged with creating your opportunities and taking them. If you want a particular outcome, and it’s a result that means enough to you, then you have the power to make it happen. Take ownership for what it means to you and get after it… you’ll be the one who benefits !!
  • Connect Connect Connect – you often show & tell others that your time is precious… through cancelling meetings because you have another priority, i can’t get there so pick another time. So when you make time in your schedule for others, and focus on them and what they need to create success in their space, this shows you value them over your “precious / valuable” time. By regularly connecting with clients, team members and family members, they will feel like they matter and that you value them over your time as you have made them a priority. Super charge your results on this one !!!   

So currently, there are business owners taking heaps of action and creating superb results because they are owning their space. They are embracing the change needed and being 100% responsible for ensuring their wall is one they are prepared to create and build. Be one of these business owners and you will get the results you want !!! 

Share this with those in your networks. If it helps one person be inspired to make something new happen this week it’s added value. If you want to chat about embracing change, click on the “Free 20min chat” button and let’s chat about how you can make this happen and get immense outcomes.

Have an awesome week and look forward to connecting soon.