It’s easy to forget, as a leader, that when employees don’t get the wide view, not only does the point of their work escape them, but it can also forge frustrated leaders. It’s hard to feel pride and ownership when you don’t understand where things are going.” Jason Fried

Business Strategy gets Results

Running strategic workshops means you get to spend time with multiple business owners at the same time. Interestingly, the challenges currently being experienced by one business has often being experienced by others in the room. One of the most common challenges facing leaders is “Not everyone is focused on making the business successful.”

From a business owner’s perspective this can be frustrating as shouldn’t it be natural for all team members to make as much profit as possible? From a team member’s perspective shouldn’t the business be geared around providing them with the conditions and the enjoyment they want? Sometimes this doesn’t align which can be the cause of the frustration.

So how can we bridge this gap and align the business and the team’s desired outcome? Here are three tips to help get alignment:

  1. Get clear on their map – we all view the world differently… our maps of the world differ based on past experience, beliefs, values etc. Making an effort to find out how each of the team members sees the world, means you can understand their perspective and what drives them. Motivations show what will help them create success driven habits.

  2. Set a clear Vision – Setting a clear vision is critical to give everyone an opportunity to see where the business is going. Without this strategic road map, the effort will not deliver an aligned outcome for the business. Involving the team in this process will help get buy in and allow them to feel like it’s their plan rather than being something that’s given to them. Knowing their map will help make this a more relevant path

  3. Give context – regularly telling people to do things without the “Why… for what purpose” will lead to frustration. Don’t assume others see the same outcomes as you. Let those around you know the purpose behind expectations and decisions to increase your chance of success. This will change the dynamic in your teams & business.

This week, check look at where you are experiencing frustrations in your business or career. Are you aware of how others think, is there a clear plan in place and do you have the required context to ensure views and actions are aligned.

Forward this on to those in your networks who need to create positive change in their circles. If you need help creating positive change and getting better results, send a note to and we’ll get in contact.

Have an awesome week!

Paul Farmer
Managing Director