Controlling your Focus

In this week’s video we give you an insight in to the benefits of controlling your focus on things you can benefit from.

Are you one of those people who constantly finds themselves having multiple conflicting priorities and no plan to effectively tackle them? It’s common to be this person and can be very challenging to break the cycle….  

Prioritisation is a skill that will bring plenty of benefits to both your working and personal worlds. Most of us have developed the practice of dealing with things as and when they come at us… especially now we are generally accessible 24/7 via smartphone. Allocating time to take on certain tasks like exercise, reading, emails allows you to focus on getting the results you want. As I write a flurry of emails ping… I will continue writing and get to them later.    

Here are a couple of tips to help you prioritise,  control your focus and get the results you are after:   

  • Is it urgent – just because we receive something does it need to be actioned now. If you want something done urgently then an accompanying phone call might be appropriate

  • Can I delegate – is this something I have to do myself or is there a development opportunity for someone else by letting them take on the work.

  • Control – can you control the event that has occurred? If not, then controlling the way you react will determine the choice you make and the action you take. Control the controllables !!

This week, take a look at how you set up your days and are you able to implement some of the above tips to buy you back time… time that may be able to be allocated to more value adding activities in your prioritisation hierarchy.     

If support in creating these habits would help, let me know how I can value add and have an awesome week !