“Delegate to others who have strengths where you don’t. But sometimes, you just need to be the one to drive the change when everyone else is waiting for someone else to take the first step. To me, that’s courage in action”. Robin S. Sharma

We constantly hear how leaders and business owners struggle to find enough time in the day to get everything done that’s on their to do list. This means that special events, family commitments, personal development and things that matter get overlooked and meaningful opportunities missed. Ever mixed up your priorities ?

Being the person who has to be 100% in control of everything that is going will invariably mean you will spread yourself thin, become inefficient and areas will be exposed through a lack of attention… delivering challenged results and frustration. Building up the skills of those around you will allow you to delegate activities, get the results you want and still include those meaningful activities.     

Here are 3 tips to loosen your need for control:  

  1. What can you let go of – look at what you currently do, what you can say no to and what can be re-allocated. The key to this is to see what value add activities you can then include in your schedule 

  2. Make time to direct your team – delegation will take extra time at first, so see it as an investment required to gain you back time. Be deliberate in your direction up front and the uptake will reflect this

  3. Play to others strengths – where those around you have the skills required, for example a bookkeeper doing your monthly accounts, have them do this to free up your time to bring in new business, promote the team, add even more value.

This week, prioritise your activities and look at what you can say no to. These activities may be able to be passed over to others and treated as a development opportunities to enhance skills or strengths they have.     

If this resonates and those in your networks would benefit from reading it please forward on to your networks. If you feel you need help to implement these send me a note to

Cheers and have an awesome week!

Paul Farmer