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The way we are doing business now has changed. Gone are the days where it was all simply about the equipment we had and people who worked for you just did what you told them to do… ahh the good old days seem so simple now ūüėČ

it’s becoming¬†even more important¬†to have those you choose to have on your team “on the bus” and we are seeing the businesses that are embracing this, and making time to invest in this, be the ones attracting quality team members and keeping them. In the current climate of scarce resources and an abundance of opportunity, this is becoming an extremely valuable commodity and even a point of difference.

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So how do you create a business that has a team who feel involved, informed and invigorated to create amazing results? Here are three key elements to help you get your clarity and focus your way forward: 

Key elements to help you get your clarity & create opportunities

  1. Stop¬†– make time to step back from your business and look at what’s happening right now. Getting an understanding of where you are now, and accepting you are where you are, allows you to¬†create a clear strategy to drive your results. When the goalposts are constantly being moved, it’s easy to see how people become unclear on what they are striving for. Invest the time and you will see it come back at you quickly.
  2. Collaborate¬†– having a team who feel they are part of something bigger than just them, and they see how their involvement is helping deliver this bigger picture, provides¬†opportunities to create alignment and drive motivation to help build the business. Integrate the team member’s desired outcomes in to the business outcomes and suddenly you have someone feeling like they are striving to achieve their goals (and the business wins as well).¬†
  3. And Listen¬†– The trap then is to avoid the¬†“Set and Forget” scenario. Regular check ins with those who influence your business is a game changer. Engaging, both on a business¬†level and on a personal level, shows that you care, that you are prepared to listen to what’s happening now, and you can test the level of alignment. Asking for¬†feedback is an opportunity to test the direction,¬†acknowledge where things are on track and create opportunities to realign where necessary. “Are we on track and are we all helping deliver your vision”.¬†

Being deliberate with your stakeholders is powerful. To have them motivated to help you grow your business, you need to provide them with reasons to want to hit their goals… and it’s not all about money. make time to listen to your team, be interested in them and their growth desires and be prepared to check in to see how on track they are.

Share this with those in your circles who want to create some clarity in their circles. We love helping quality humans create even more possibilities to grow, so share openly. To learn how to build this in to your business, click on the “Book your 20min reset” button and let’s chat about how you can make this happen.¬†

Have an awesome week and look forward to connecting soon.