The Pinata and children playing

The past week has has reinforced just how disrupted the work landscape is at the moment and that opportunities are starting to appear. The business owners we’ve been working with have worked out, to have a chance at taking these opportunities, they need to be on the front foot. They need to have a mindset that’s part protect, part preserve and an even bigger part propel….

The COVID 19 pandemic has acted like the stick that breaks open the Pinata. Some businesses are focused solely on surviving. and are being challenged. Some are waiting for things to “get back to normal” before they take action, and some are doing all they can to get their house in order so they can take the opportunities when they come up. Which space are you in?

So how do you shift your mindset to one that’s needed to have you and your team in a position to make the most of opportunities as they come up? Here are a couple of tips to help:

  • Be the ones to take action – focusing on the fear, anxiety and overwhelm of the uncertainty will paralyse you. Ask yourself the question “What won’t happen if I don’t take action”? We won’t be able to take a piece of the upside, I won’t be able to build our business… don’t let that be you;

  • Relationships really matter – connecting with business owners throughout the week, it was clear there were some who were clearly taking action and getting quality results. The common theme amongst them was their ability to build relationships with key partners who were now helping them to grow their business. This had fast tracked their growth and propelled them forward;

  • You can’t do it alone – taking opportunities requires resources and time…. something that most leaders struggle to manage. Having a team around you, both internally (team members, management) and externally (mentors, coaches, financial advisory, marketing experts…) allows you to delegate and be efficient with your time. Be the one to move on this and you WILL deliver stellar results.

Now is the time to recognise the Piñata has been broken and there are opportunities to create an insane amount of value. Take the action, build the relationships and take control of your direction today… because the lollies are on the ground and it’s a matter of who’s going to get there first.

Forward this to those who need a boost on a Monday morning. We love to help quality owners and leaders create momentum and empower their teams to make a difference.

Stay safe, keep looking forward and take an insane amount of action today !!