creating your momentum

In this week’s video we give you a couple of tips to help you create momentum for you, your career or your business.

This week I had a conversation with a business owner who had been preventing themselves from getting closed business and creating the momentum they were wanting. When we are so involved in delivering, it is easy to lose sight of how quickly we are travelling along our chosen path.   

Be it your own business, a small team, or you personally… here are a couple of tips to help create momentum in all that you do:

  • Start with your Outcomes – having a plan of attack on where you are going gives you the end game which, in turn, allows you to set off on the path to get the results you want

  • Make more decisions – continuing to take small steps often, will get the truck moving and allow you to take bigger steps once you have your momentum. Make that call, have that conversation…

  • Model others – is the athlete the first person to attempt this truck pull? She has obviously learnt that a harness, low body height and specific footwear will increase her potential to succeed. Pick those who have successfully got the outcomes you want and learn from them.

This week, take a look at where you are now and the outcomes you want. Are you on the path to getting the results? Include the above tips in your week and let’s get you rolling in the right direction.     

Let me know 2 things you plan to do and have an awesome week !