In a year of change, both you and those around you have ensured your survival and in many cases created significant growth opportunities. You’ve adapted and taken action based on the changing environment you found yourself in. Dealing with this uncertainty is challenging, yet when you look back most will see a trail of learnings which will strengthen our resilience going forward.

So when you find yourself in the space of winding down before the break, take a moment to reflect on how those around you have impacted your transition from survival phase. It’s a perfect time to recognise the support and opportunities that have been created this year.

So where have you and your business been impacted this year?

Here are three areas where openly showing gratitude would be justified:

  • Those who have given their time – having the opportunity to chat through challenges, through scenarios, through what should we do… this time often goes unrecognised. Make time to show those who have played this role for you that you are super grateful.
  • Where effort was over and above expectations – to go over and above that which is expected takes choosing to apply extra effort. This shows character and a desire to ensure the success / growth of a business… often without expectation of extra rewards. Recognise these extra efforts and they could become the “new normal”… raising the bar for others to model. 
  • Those who have become even better leaders – strength and leadership in challenging times creates certainty. This year has seen the development of leadership skills through necessity. Those who have stepped up, and continue to step up, should be recognised for the value they have bought to your space. Acknowledge and empower to ensure this continues across all levels. 

Choosing to recognise these things takes little time and costs little extra. To create a culture of high performance, acknowledging the little things done well will reinforce the importance to the business. Recognise yourself in this process as you too have been on the same journey and helped create your road to success.

Implementing these in to your way of operating can mean change. If this is a space you would like assistance with, click the Let’s connect buttons and let’s chat. Also please forward this on to those who will get great benefit from regular business growth tips.

Have an awesome week !