“I can’t do this, I don’t deserve it and I’m not good enough….” 

Imposter Syndrome

This has been a common thought process i’ve previously experienced. Before I plucked up the courage to ask my partner out on a date, I was riddled with “What if she says no, why would she go on a date with me, what if, what if, what if…”. Did you know up to 95% of What if’s don’t actually happen? 

Sometimes known as Imposter Syndrome, it’s something that up to 70% of us experience. Feelings of not being worthy, limited self-belief and fear of failure often stop us from going after (or holding on to) things we really want. Having recently been in a stadium watching the Commonwealth Games 7’s rugby, it highlighted how overcoming this is needed to be part of something bigger. 

3 tips to beat the imposter

So how do we defeat the imposter syndrome and make us feel like we deserve to be the boss, the leader, in that job? Here are 3 tips to help: 

  • You are good enough – by putting you in a leadership role or including you in the top team, those in other senior positions obviously see you as having the necessary skills to do what’s needed to be successful

  • Change the way you think – by focussing on what you can control, you take away a lot of the what if scenarios which generally you have limited control over.

  • Build your Self-Belief – by looking at the skills you have, the experiences you’ve shared and the people you have around you, you will see how you can deliver the results you want and more.

This week, check in on where your focus is and how often you enter the “Land of What-if”. Using the tips above will help beat the imposter and keep you performing at the top level !    

If this resonated, please share with your networks so they can benefit. To develop these skills further, send “Inspire me” to strategy@mentorisgroup.com.au and we can help you become that leader. 

Have an awesome week!