Working with senior business leaders over the past week has bought home a number of realisations.

  • People now, more than ever, want to connect with people… the Zoom revolution is here to stay as it adds efficiency and gives access to a broader audience, yet people want personal interaction
  • Business Leaders want to continue growing and with all the “noise” in the market at the moment, a lack of clarity is preventing this
  • There are ways to create and maintain growth without feeling like you have to move mountains
  • It’s not the product / service that people want, it’s the feeling that it gives them 

To experience the feeling you get when you make promises and deliver on these promises… this is the real growth driver. While uncertainty exists and teams are exposed to this in their day to day, our results will be influenced. So to state something that may seem simple and obvious…. get clarity and get deliberate in the way you operate.

When we feel we lack of clarity, here are a couple of things to help get us back creating awesome results:

  1. What does Growth mean to you – understanding this is the key first step towards getting clarity. Are we growing for the sake of growing, will it enable us to change what we do in the business, will it allow us to be flexible with how much time we spend in the business, will it allow us to choose where we spend our time. Get clear on your reasons so you can create a plan.
  2. Where do we want to grow – are we clear what we want to do more of? What type of work is purely using up time and what is profitable and how do we develop our pipeline of the higher margin work. Better clients, attract better clients who can put you in front of better clients… so who do you need to get in front of?
  3. What’s the plan to manage the growth – creating a longer term plan for building your legacy and then what you are committing to make happen over the next 12 months… gives you, your team and all your stakeholders certainty that a) you have a plan b) there is something that they can be guided by c) you are looking to grow. 

When we are deliberate in what we are doing it gives certainty to all those impacted. Our ability to control everything may be limited, yet with a clear direction, a road map and an understanding of the feeling we want… we are able to influence the way we grow to ensure there is a win win for all concerned.      
Helping quality people, like you, is our jam. If this article will help someone in your networks, please forward to them. If it has raised a desire to create change for you and your business, let’s chat as we would love to help.  

Cheers and have an awesome week!

Paul Farmer
Managing Director
“Changing Lives… one business at a time”