Culture used to be viewed as the ‘touchy-feely’ side of business, but that’s no longer the case. If you don’t have a defined culture behind you, then you aren’t going to be effective at executing your strategy.”
Peggy Johnson

Business Strategy drives culture

This week’s focus was on business development, having conversations with leaders looking to get their strategy clear and set up their next 12 months. One item that regularly came up was change and it’s impact on culture. Where things changed in an organisation, it was creating an uncertainty as the meaning wasn’t clearly shared.

A culture of success, both for you and your organisation, is built on communicating clear expectations, inclusion and celebrating the wins. Building this will create a space where people care about each other, strive to grow and proactively look for opportunities to raise the standard.

So how can you develop a culture of success for you and your organisation? Here are three tips to help:

  1. Inclusion = Everyone matters – when things change, when people move positions or business direction shifts, it will impact everyone. Use this as an opportunity to reaffirm what matters to the organisation and that each person is an integral part of achieving excellent results

  2. Define success – this exists on two levels… personal success and organisational success. To be effective, the achievement of personal success is aligned with organisation goals. We must understand your desires, growth requirements and things that make you happy and tie these to the value you create for the organisation

  3. Communicate Communicate Communicate – creating an environment of transparency, honesty and open communication builds trust. Being clear and open with situations that create change, and seeking views from the team, will have those involved feel like they are part of the solution. Communicate openly and communicate often….

This week, check in on the culture you are helping to create. Is it clear that everyone is contributing to this culture, what it means to have a successful culture and do those in the whole team know what it all means. Creating the environment with all these items will drive your success.

Forward this on to those in your networks who need to create positive change in their circles. If you need help creating positive change and getting better results, send a note to and we’ll get in contact.

Have an awesome week!

Paul Farmer
Managing Director