embracing change

Over the past week I have had a number of conversations regarding embracing change and how to best handle it. Whether it be implementing a new idea at work, changing direction in your career, or moving from a career stage in to post career…. all involve making a decision to change.

Now embracing change does mean moving outside your comfort zone… something most of us don’t like doing. Whether it be taking on something you haven’t done before, entering a new stage of your career/life, or changing a process we go through without having to think… yes it’s going to feel different and maybe even a little  uncomfortable at first. However there are ways to help you create and embrace changes:

1. Where is your focus – Keep the benefits of creating a new process, a new way of doing something, a new life constantly in your view… knowing where you want to go and how you want to feel in your new situation is key;
2. Believe in the change – to change just for the sake of changing is counter productive. See the change as necessary (for some it is inevitable), embrace it and let’s get on with making the most of the new situation; and
3. Take Action – without taking action, the potential to experience the success and enjoyment of your new environment are simply dreams.  

So we can either wait for the change to happen itself, or we can proactively take action and embrace changes that will bring us much more success and happiness…. which one are you going to be? 

I look forward to hearing about how you have embraced change this week.