We are pretty simple creatures and it’s generally the things that appeal to our emotions that create change, get a deal over the line or open up quality opportunities. The past week has thrown up plenty of these conversations, predominantly in the space of growing a business and delivering an outstanding customer experience. 

It’s been shown that emotions influence almost all human decision-making. Whether it be dealing with a client, putting together a marketing plan for your ideal clients or dealing with team members… being able to “manage” the emotional aspects of the situation will help you deliver a top result.

So to double down on the emotional impact in your business, what can you do to create a connection :

  1. Clients buy on emotion – make people feel special and that they can trust you will deliver, and they will be lining up at your door to work with you. The feeling you leave people with is what they will remember and have them referring you to all of their networks. This is where the real growth comes from. 
  2. Understand what drives your people – your team members are all driven by different things. Getting to know what gets the best out of them, whether it be potential cash incentives, flexible working, development opportunities, will allow you to tie your recognition to what they want. Give them an opportunity to strive for what’s going to light them up.
  3. What gives you the buzz – we business owners often put everyone else before us. When growing, we pay team members before we pay ourselves. So when looking at your role in the business, revolve it around the value you bring and the stuff that gives you a buzz. You own the joint, so why not choose to do what you love doing. 

Being able to tie in to the emotional hook in each situation above will give you the ability to influence the outcome. It’s key to drive the situation to ensure the clients or team members leave with an abundance of passion to take action and to refer you to their networks. 
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