The clarity that comes with knowing who is responsible for the growth of a business is extremely valuable. Confidence, proactivity, focus and delivering quality results are an attractive combination. These things come when a team is aligned… aligned on their outcomes, aligned on what having these achieved will mean and being clear of the feeling that will come.    

This week has identified the critical nature of being clear… clear on what the business is wanting to achieve and the role each person plays in delivering this. Lack of clarity will introduce inefficiencies and uncertainty… creating cracks in both the customer and the team member experience. Building a culture of “excellence together”, allows teams to grow and create super results.  

So to create a business that will attract even more quality team members and clients, here are three key areas of focus:

  1. Be clear on Roles & Responsibilities – clarity on who’s doing what can be extremely powerful. Knowing who’s taking on particular activities, dealing with particular clients, owning critical processes… allows leaders to more effectively delegate to free up time.    
  2. Stand shoulder to shoulder – team members want to know you’ve got their back. Showing you are thinking about them, about what will promote their growth and give them the buzz they are generally seeking but won’t openly ask for. Inspire and motivate from beside… and they will feel you are both in it together.  
  3. Think bigger and further ahead – as leaders, we are responsible for creating and promoting the “bigger picture”. Having team members buy in to our vision will align our view and help this vision be achieved. In the process, the team will have their needs met and feel they are a valued part of the team. 

If we want to create a culture of proactivity and confidence, we need to be prepared to build up our people. Letting them know they matter, they are highly capable and they are helping deliver the vision of the business will have them striving to achieve even more.   
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