Our time is precious, yet we often choose to value it like we have an abundance. One of the most common complaints we hear when businesses aren’t getting the results they want, is that there isn’t enough time in the day. When we look at how time is being treated… it’s often being managed badly. 

Getting strategic about how we spend our time can add an insane amount of value to us and our teams. In realising how to allocate your effort and resources, you will unlock your ability to create time for you. How would it feel if you had the ability to create space in your diary for you… to spend time doing things that made your heart beat faster. This is the secret to releasing the pressure valve. 

So how do you make the most of the time you have available, to ease pressure on you and get cracking results… here are 3 kick ass ways you can implement right now:

  1. Be Structured & Prepared – get clarity in your schedule beforehand. Sunday night get clear on what the coming week looks like and how you can hit the ground running on Monday morning. If it is Monday morning and you are reading this… read to the end and then plan out your week, prioritising those key activities. This will see you get the jump on the week.   
  2. What gets your time – ask yourself where do you add the most value. If it’s business development, make this a priority. If you have a bunch of things on your plate that you choose to put in front of your biggest value adding activity… look to others to take these off your plate so you can focus on what matters. This can be win win as the person taking on the activities may be required to step up… something most want as they love a challenge 
  3. Always be thinking long game – when you look at what you want your time to be invested in, think about what matters and what you want to be doing longer term. Where you create the opportunity to develop your team and have them take on extra responsibility, you free up time for you to choose what you focus on. Invest in, train, promote, develop and build your stakeholders and watch where you can spend your time.   

Getting back time is one thing most business owners wish they could do. If only I had more time to do this, to do that…. well now you have 3 tips you can implement right now to add structure and add even more value.
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Cheers and have another awesome week!