follow the leader

A Deloitte survey found “just 10% of Millennials defined a true business leader as one who is focused on financial results. Instead, more than two-thirds chose strategic thinking, inspirational qualities and interpersonal skills.” 

Traditionally, a leader has seen their role as being the one who delivers results, mostly from the corner office having very little contact with those on the ground. Making the decisions in isolation that drive growth, with the organisation expected to ‘follow the leader’ and get on with helping the company grow. Great model… if those in your group, team, organisation, family feel they will just follow this model. With how results are achieved rather than just getting results becoming important, how do we retain quality people to deliver growth? 

3 tips to help this happen

We all have a want to be inspired to be successful and feel like we are making a difference. Here are a couple of ways to help you inspire others and get the results you want:

  • Authenticity – when deadlines are tight and schedules don’t move, being the same person as when things are going well is key. You are who you are and letting those around you see this means they can trust you and your decisions.

  • Visibility + Credibility = Profitability – spending time with those around you, letting them get to know, like and trust you, will ensure they will be more likely to follow as their interests are being considered.

  • Answer the “So What” question – by asking those around you to help get things done, you are asking them to assess what their values and beliefs are. By asking “so what” pre empts the reason for taking on the activity and whether the proposed process/outcome ties in those beliefs & values, making it achievable.

This week, look at your process of getting things done in your circles. Are you investing in those you interact with, or merely giving them things to do to meet your targets. Take the time and it will show in your results.    

If this resonated, please share with your networks as they also can benefit. To develop these skills further, send “Inspire me” to and we can help you become that leader. 

Have an awesome week!