Getting Ahead

“The Bureau of Statistics says 5 million of Australia’s 7.7 million full-time workers put in more than 40 hours per week. Of them, 1.4 million put in more than 50 hours per week and around 270,000 put in more than 70 hours per week”.

Over the next 4 weeks, we in Australia experience a number of short weeks which include public holidays. That’s awesome some would say, a chance for getting ahead or an opportunity to recharge the batteries and catch up with family. “I’ll give Dave a call and we’ll all head to the beach for a swim and BBQ”. What we might not realise is that Dave has had to work on the weekend and until 11pm the night before to be able to have that day off due to continued deadlines and pressure from head office.

So what you say?

When we get busy and face pressure from deadlines, it’s easy to become ineffective with the time we spend at work or in our business, so we spend more time there always trying to get ahead. We slip from being organised and structured to a “Chicken Little State”, where the sky seems to be falling in around us…. bringing more stress, overwhelm and extra hours. 

When looking at the way you structure your working day, there are a number of things that you can do to become more effective:

  • Plan your week – start with an idea of what activities you have on this week (work meetings and deadlines, children’s school events, birthdays etc)

  • Delegate – give those in your team/business the ability to grow and develop their skills by giving them responsibility. Take the time to train them, allowing them to take on higher level work and give you time to grow the business

  • Take a moment – during each day step back from all that is going on to ask are you being effective or is BUSY kicking in and actually slowing us down

This week, plan your short weeks to make the days in the office more efficient and effective. Have the conversations, structure your days and include your teams to get more done – getting ahead and staying ahead!    

Have an awesome week!